List of Companies

Using XRapid:

1. Cuallix (USA)
2. Zipremit (Canada)

Using XVia:

1. Beetech (Brasil)
2. Exchange4Free (UK)
3. Fair FX (UK)
4. Instarem (Singapore)
5. Moneymatch (Malaysia)
6. Rational FX (UK)
7. UniPAY (Georgia)
8. Zipremit (Canada)

Accepting XRP:

1. Arrington XRP Capital (USA)
2. Asia MTM (Hong Kong)
3. Bichip (Denmark)
4. Flash FX (Australia)
5. SBI Virtual Currencies (Japan)
6. Selly (USA)
7. We Make Price (South Korea)

Using XCurrent:

1. 77 Bank (Japan)
. Accenture (Ireland)
. Aeon Bank (Japan)
. Airwallex (Australia)
5. Ak Bank (Turkey)
. Al Rajhi Bank (Saudi Arabia)
. Aomori Bank (Japan)
. Ashikaga Bank (Japan)
. Axis Bank (India)
10. Awa Bank (Japan)
. Bank of America Merril Lynch
. Bank Dhofar (Oman)
. Bank Leumi Le-Israel
. Bank of The Ryukyus (Japan)
15. Bank of Yokohama (Japan)
. BBVA (Spain)
. Bexs Banco (Brazil)
. BMO (Bank of Montreal)
. Cambridge Global Payments (Australia)
20. Cargills Bank (Sri Lanka)
. CBW Bank (USA)
. Cgi Group
. Chiba Bank (Japan)
. Chugoku Bank (Japan)
25. Coinone (South Korea)
. Credit Agricrole (France)
. Cross River (Bank in USA)
. Cuallix (USA)
. Currencies Direct (UK)
30. Daishi Bank (Japan)
. Daiwa Next Bank (Japan)
. DBS Group (Singapore)
. DH Corporation (Canada)
. Deloitte (UK)
35. d.local (Uruguay)
. earthport (UK)
. eZfoex (USA)
. Fidor Bank (Germany)
. Flash FX (Australia)
40. Gumma Bank (Japan)
Hachijuni (Japan)
. Hiroshima Bank (Japan)
. Hokuriku Bank (Japan)
. Hyakugo Bank (Japan)
45. IDT Corporation (USA)
. IFX (UK)
. IndusInd Bank (Mumbai, India)
. Instarem (Singapore)
. Itaú Unibanco (Brazil)
50. Iyo Bank (Japan)
. Juroko Bank (Japan)
. Keiyo Bank (Japan)
. Kotak Mahindra Bank (India)
. Krungsri (Thailand)
55. LianLian (China)
. Mercury FX (UK)
. MHFG (Japan)
. Michinoku Bank (Japan)
. Mizuho Financial Group (Japan)
60. MUFG (Tokyo / Mitsubishi Group)
. Musashino Bank (Japan)
. NAB (National Australia Bank)
. National Bank of Abu Dhabi
. Nishi-Nippon City Bank (Japan)
65. Nomura Trust and Banking Company (Japan)
. North Pacific Bank (Japan)
. Oita Bank (Japan)
. Orix Bank (Japan)
. PNC Bank (USA)
70. Rakbank (UAE)
. Resona Bank (Japan)
. San-In Godo Bank (Japan)
. Santander (Spain)
. SBI Net Sumishin Bank
75. SBI Group (Japan)
. SBI Holdings (Japan)
. SBI Remit (Japan)
. SBI Virtual Currencies (Japan)
. Saldo (Mexico)
80. SCB (Siam Commercial Bank)
. SEB (Swedish Bank)
. Senshu Ikeda Bank (Japan)
. Seven Bank (Japan)
. Shimizu Bank (Japan)
85. Shinhan Bank (Korea)
. Shinkin Central Bank (Japan)
. Shinsei Bank (Japan)
. Shikoku Bank (Japan)
. Sikoku Bank (Japan)
90. SHRB (Shanghai Huarui Bank)
. Sony Bank (Japan)
. Standard Chartered Bank
. Star Bank (Japan)
. Star One Credit Union (USA)
95. Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (Japan)
. Suruga Bank (Japan)
. TAS Group (Italy)
. TD Bank Canada
. Temenos (Switzerland)
100. Toho Bank (Japan)
. Tochigi Bank (Japan)
. Transfer Go (UK)
. Tsukuba Bank (Japan)
. UAE Xchange (UAE)
105. Volante (USA)
. Westpac (Australia)
. Yamagata Bank (Japan)
. Yamaguchi (Japan)
. Yachiyo Bank (Japan)
110. Yantra (USA)
111. Yes Bank (India)

Testing XRapid: – Using XRP (Cuts Payment Fees Up to 81%)

1. Barclays (UK)
2. BMO (Bank of Montreal)
3. Cambridge Global Payments (Australia)
4. CIBC (Canada)
5. Cuallix (USA)
6. Currencies Direct (UK) (Finished Successful Pilot)
7. IDT Corporation (USA)
8. Intesa Sanpaolo (Italy)
9. Macquaire Group (Australia)
10. Mercury FX (UK)
11. Moneygram (USA)
12. NAB (National Australia Bank)
13. Natixis (France)
14. Nordea (Swedish Bank)
15. RBC (Royal Bank of Canada)
16. Santander (Spain)
17. Scotiabank (Scotland)
18. Viamericas (USA)
19. Western Union (USA)
20. Westpac (Australia)

Testing XCurrent:

1. American Express (USA)
2. ANZ (Australia)
3. ATB Financial (Canada)
4. Barclays (UK)
5. Bank of England (Central Bank of England)
6. CIBC (Canada)
7. Commonwealth Bank (Australia)
8. Credit Suisse (Switzerland)
9. Erste Group (Austria)
10. Expertus (USA)
11. Fukui Bank (Japan)
12. HCBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai)
13. J.P.Morgan (USA)
14. KFH (Kuwait Finance House)
15. Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan)
16. Moneygram (USA)
17. National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)
18. OCBC (Singapore)
19. Rabobank (Dutch Bank)
20. RBC (Royal Bank of Canada)
21. Reise Bank (Germany)
22. RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland)
23. SAMA — Central bank of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
24. SGX (Singapore)
25. UBS (Switzerland)
26. UOB (Singapore)
27. UniCredit (Italy)
28. Western Union (USA)
29. Woori Bank (South Korea)

Other Important Partners:

1. ABN Amro (Netherlands)
2. Bank Indonesia (Central Bank)
3. Bank of Thailand (Central Bank)
4. Cgi Group (Canada)
5. US Federal Reserve

WHat is the Differnce Between XCurrent and XRapid?

Watch The Video where Brad explains the difference between xCurrent and xRapid.

xCurrent – Solving the messaging and settlement process which exists in financial system. Enabling real time settlement and real time messaging between institutions.

Xrapid XRP is used to solve a liquidity problem. XRP is used to settle Fiat.

ALL INFO About the companies is here:


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